Story Path

Story Path


A six-month implementation program.
Implementation of a narrative that for you is on-purpose, truth-filled, and inspires you to take hope-filled action. 


Story Path has 5 parts:
  1. Story Community
    • because no one does it alone
    • Hosted in a PRIVATE, Facebook Group
  2. Story Seminar
    • 6, once-a-week 90-minute live trainings.
    • Starting Tuesday, Sep 22; ending Oct 27
    • Goal: get all the work done DURING class time
    • Recordings and transcripts in the membership portal
  3. Story Camp
    • 3-day, live, virtual immersive, interactive event
    • Maximizes the value of dialogue as a tool
    • Oct 30-Nov 1
    • Gifted ticket included with your Story Path enrollment
  4. Story Coaching
    • 5, 90-minute group coaching with Dr. Helmrich
    • No question left behind
      • submit in person or ahead of time
    • Recordings & transcriptions in the membership portal
  5. Story Course
    • 15 module, home study course on narrative
    • Access mid-Nov 2020 until mid-Mar 2021
    • Syllabus
      1. video training
      2. Assignments
      3. Quizzes
      4. Worksheets
      5. Transcripts
    • Textbook ~ we buy and send directly to you
    • Bonus content on typical problematic narratives.

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