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Story Camp

"You cannot shape a new future without telling a new story."  Dr. Julie Helmrich

What is Story Camp? It's a 3-day live, immersive, virtual event focused on shifting problematic narratives that are taking you where you don't want to go AND creating and strengthen healthy narratives so that you can get better health, strengthen your relationships, and move closer to financial independence.

[What is "narrative?" Narrative is the continual interior conversation that goes on in human beings. When it is problematic is it called many things:  negative mindset, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, head trash, low self-confidence, negative indoctrinations, etc.]

The StoryCamp story:

Historically StoryCamp has been a high-end event, delivered as an in-person, immersive 3 day event, focused on narrative shifting. Historically it's been an experience for members of Dr. Helmrich’s exclusive masterminds.  Because of CoVid, we experimented with a virtualized StoryCamp event for the mastermind members and they gave the virtualized version of Story Camp rave reviews.

Because of improvements in technology, that meant that StoryCamp could be scaled up and the fabulous benefit of that is this life-changing event can now be offered at a super affordable rate. being able to offer this life-changing event at a super affordable rate.

Therefore, we are excited to invite you to join us at Story Camp.

StoryCamp Virtual

Over the course of 3 days, you will

  • Learn
    • simple “brainology” so that you can understand the power of your internal narrative
    • best practices for journaling, dialogue, and experimentation so that you can use those methods appropriately to shift problematic internal narratives that take you to places you don't want to be and create and strengthen narratives that will put you on and keep you one the right trajectory.
    • an 8-step framework for creating desired enduring change so that you won’t waste time on extra steps nor waste time on inadequately structured frameworks
  • Address internal narratives that
    • slow personal development and learn narratives that are better alternatives
    • weaken relationships and learn narratives that will strengthen relationships
    • create complicated approaches to financial fitness and learn alternative narratives that will help you clean up your relationship with money.
  • Meet others
    • who have used narrative to successfully navigate and maintain desired changes in their lives
    • who will share their stories about how they did it so that you can see the variety of narrative methods that will work

We will make full use of a now very familiar videoconferencing platform:


Breakout rooms allow for necessary small group discussions.

Journaling will happen.  

Optional evening homework will be available.

Story Camp is a FULL weekend and it is not recorded, so prepare yourself to be there in person for the entire event.


10am-6pm-ish CT Fri & Sat. [After-hours events both evenings.]

10am - 5pm-ish CT Sun.

There will be lunch and dinner breaks.

There will be a "meet-and-greet" on Thursday evening before we begin on Friday. There will be an optional "After-hours VIP Q&A session" on Friday AFTER dinner break. There will be laser coaching on Saturday AFTER dinner break 

Prep up for Story Camp the same way you would for a 3-day event that you would travel to.  For example, make sure the kids are well tended to in your absence; make food prep a non-issue by making it ahead of time. Come rested. Avoid alcohol and other things that slow you down. Allow yourself to get excited about the cool people you will meet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration includes materials that are highly useful with respect to getting the most benefit out of the weekend. Register as early as possible. We will ship your conference materials to you. To ensure pre-event delivery of your Story Camp materials, register ASAP.  Materials will start shipping 10 days before the event.

Also, just as you would for an in-person event, you'll be required to do a check-in before the event. This is easy, takes just a few minutes, and is necessary to make sure you can make good use of the super-user-friendly tech. Tech check-in will start two days before the event.

Worry NOTHING about these details, as we will send you all the information that you need.  For now, just register and save your spot.  There is a tech limit to how many persons can enroll.